Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The Month of Transience: A Conclusion

I got off work today and picked up mattress padding, got cash to pay the movers, met Brady to get my keys, stopped by our broker's office to pay our fee, went up to Amy's and grabbed as much as I could drag onto the subway, ate four cookies for sustenance, unpacked as much as I could at the new place, bought food for our kitchen, and just got back up to the Upper West Side for my last night with Amy and Duck, my favorite dog with ambiguous genitalia in the whole world. (We became quick friends this week.)

It was mostly an epic day because I tipped off Wonkette, and it involved publicly making fun of Nancy Grace, which knocks one and possibly two items off my bucket list. It probably helps my karma, too.

I was going to catch up on Gossip Girl and Glee, but I'm going to bed, because the mover is coming in like eight hours and I have to be somewhat alert because I'm serving as the other mover because it's half as expensive and I'm very rapidly burning through my savings account as I wait for my first paycheck. Also, I spent $25 I don't really have to see the Weakerthans tomorrow. And also, there is a $5 psychic next to my building and I kind of think that she's going to be my guru this year. Her name is Natalie, which means that she's clearly a real psychic.

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