Saturday, 18 July 2009


One of my students asked to leave the class after about fifteen minutes today, and I was like, "okay, do you really have to go?" and she was like, "it's... a... woman thing." And I was like, oh, fine, and it took her like two minutes and I thought to myself that woman things generally take longer than two minutes if you do them in private and I hope she did do them in private because I'd definitely get fired if she did them on the quad. I thought about giving a short speech about how the magic of female biology should not be used as an excuse to get out of class and emphasizing that I am in no way embarrassed by something that is perfectly natural and should be celebrated, but then about an hour later, they all stood up and gave me a graduation card and a cake from the Covered Market. And then the student apologized for telling a menstrual lie and explained that she was getting the cake, and they all clapped, and I got all verklempt because my class is totally awesome.

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