Monday, 6 July 2009

Those Who Can't

Urg, I forgot how much teaching high schoolers kicks my ass. I figured that teaching a speech and debate course in addition to my pop culture course wouldn't be that bad, because I debated in high school and whatever, I can decently structure an argument. I took Expos, what more do you want? And then today, I found out that three of my students are from the US, and the others are bringing the forensic traditions of Pakistan, Cyprus, China, Northern Ireland, Germany, and Taiwan to the table. So now I have to find some kind of common ground and find a bunch of snappy examples that have nothing to do with American politics, and pray that we survive to Week 2, when I'm going to make them recite monologues from Clueless and I'm back on solid ground. If the past three hours of studying up on Thucydides is any indication, I'm get the feeling that this month is going to be as educational for me as it is for them.

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The Empress of Fabulous said...

Oh, high school. It's actually not that bad, Ryan- you'll be fine, once you realize that even if they are brilliant, they're still idiots simply because they are in high school. SHOW NO FEAR. Oh, and insert my non-PC comment about Northern Irish kid here. God, I miss Belfast.