Thursday, 15 October 2009

America's Next Top Model

So on the magic that is my morning jog, I was running toward Columbus Circle the other morning and spotted two men standing by a coffee cart wearing matching black tee-shirts. And the backs of the shirts said something like "Cosmopolitan's Hottest Bachelor," and then I realized that the front of one guy's shirt said "North Dakota 2009." (The other one said Oregon 2009. I wasn't interested.)

I jogged past, and then I was like, no, I can't let this one go. So I jogged backwards and stopped and I was like, "hey, sorry to interrupt, but are you Cosmopolitan's Sexiest Bachelor in North Dakota 2009?"

He was like, ", yes."

And I was like, "I saw the article in the Forum. Congratulations!" (In retrospect, I am so, so glad that I didn't remember his name and never uttered the words "Jesse Regan." I feel like that would have kicked it up from sort of creepy to being justifiably maceable.)

He asked if I was from Fargo and we talked a little bit about that, and then I was like, "well, anyway, keep up the good work," and then I literally ran away. I don't know what good work I was referring to - being attractive? being from a sparsely populated state? - but things like this really make the city feel smaller. It practically made my morning.

(What really made my morning was that there's this tiny man - and frankly, I'm only 90% sure of that - who walks his poodle along my jogging route every morning at 7:45 wearing a suit and ascot and he was there like clockwork and waved hello and winked and I was like, wow, jogging outside is fun.

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