Friday, 25 December 2009

Silent Night

Nothing kills Christmas like when your grandmother causally asks how your job is going and you misinterpret this as an invitation to talk about genocide and homophobia in Uganda for a full five minutes. Merry Christmas, folks.


Marcello said...

Hi there,
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Anonymous said...

This isn't really a comment on this post but on your blog as a whole. You had no email link so I couldn't contact you any other way...

I stumbled on your blog today and from your first post, I saw that you went to Oxford!!!

Right now, I'm a college student at the U.S. but I got accepted into a study abroad program at Oxford so for hours...I poured myself into this blog reading all about your experiences at Oxford. And I found it all so fascinating and got even more excited about going there in 8 days.

On your profile, it said that you've been blogging for six years but I could not read the rest of your blog so I'm piecing together the pieces as best as I can.

It's really too much to put on a commentbox (especially one that doesn't really apply to the current post, lol) but if you could, if you do answer your commenters. I would greatly appreciate it, along with learning more about you...


or you can check out my blog too:

Wow, this really was an amazing discovery and you sound like the most interesting man in the room, lol.