Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Barack and Roll

Yeah, I've just written off tomorrow entirely. I know I should probably go to bed to get three hours of sleep before a celebratory Barackfast in the morning, but after drinking four cups of coffee tonight, that's pretty unlikely. I meant to go to a party at a friend's place out on the Cowley Road and then stop by Univ, but then I stopped home after drinks ended around midnight and James and Mark were watching TV in the tearoom and I accidentally never left. Jamie and Dan showed up and lasted until about 2am, when Erika and Ellie rolled in, and now it's 4am and I just rocked upstairs to check out the ballot initiatives, House and Senate races, and local results from the US. And surprise! Unlike 2004, I'm not drinking watermelon vodka under a table.

I got antsy because the BBC was focused pretty exclusively on the presidential race and not much else, and I'm sort of obsessed with the ballot initiatives on abortion, marriage, affirmative action, the ConCon in Connecticut, the income tax in Massachusetts, and that whole personhood thing in Colorado. BUT I do have to say that the BBC was HILARIOUS, especially because John Bolton and Simon Schama were seated next to each other and almost got into a fistfight multiple times. And John Bolton got into an argument with a BBC reporter about whether Sarah Palin was a mistake, and then they kept cutting to a cocktail party of marginally iconic cultural figures (Eddie Izzard, Erica Jong, Ricky Gervais, Jesse Jackson) to get their largely irrelevant take on the democratic process. And they had all sorts of hilarious BBC folklore, like the time a computer broke in 1992 and suddenly projected the entirety of the East Coast for Ross Perot. I might just stream that next time I'm watching an election in the US.

Ooh, CNN just projected the country for Obama. Goodnight, and yesss.

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