Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Remember, Remember the 5th of November

E: "I can't believe they actually advertise this. Does anyone actually go to Starbucks because they've changed the color of the cups?"
R: "Okay, don't judge me, but I saw the sign advertising the red cups yesterday and made a mental note to go to Starbucks on November 5th."
E: "..."
R: "It's the start of the holiday season!"
E: "You have to be the only person in my life who I shouldn't have complained to about this."


This morning, I went to my friends' apartment for a celebratory yay-Obama, let's-not-think-about-the-map-we're-refreshing-of-Califonia breakfast. I looked (and felt) like hell, but the breakfast was amazing - orange cinnamon rolls, a roasted vegetable frittata, and homemade sourdough toast, with mimosas and freshly ground coffee.

And excellent company, obvs. And on the way back, I stopped into Starbucks and got a (red) cup of coffee, which means that winter has officially started AND I didn't pass out in a gutter on the walk. I was starting to weave a little and got nervous, but the caffeine got me home in time to pass out on my bed fully clothed for a couple of hours.


And tonight was Guy Fawkes and I kicked back with V for Vendetta, because a) it's cold and b) it's rainy and c) my nerves are so frayed after my all-nighter that I wouldn't be at all surprised if I blew off my hand or fell asleep in a bonfire. I figure staying indoors and watching the film is probably safer than actually celebrating, so long as I'm not indoors in Parliament.

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