Saturday, 8 November 2008

Comedy of Errors, Act II

Remember that botched wire transfer in the summer, when my bank in the UK inexplicably sent my money to Wachovia, who were unable to transfer it to my actual bank in the US so they sent it back minus about $150 and nobody could tell me why? We finally compromised and my bank here agreed to refund all their fees and charges, which were about $75, and encouraged me to try again with their deluxe service. So I did.

Without boring everyone to death, it would appear that $200 has disappeared over the course of this latest transfer because my bank decided to first convert the money into AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS before sending it off to the US, where I'm sure they had no fucking clue why they were being given thousands of dollars in a very random currency and flipped it back before putting it into my account. Given that I do not bank anywhere remotely near Australia, I plan to call my bank in the UK and absolutely flip shit on Monday. It's going to be awesome.

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