Sunday, 6 June 2010

Different Strokes

It's been approximately 100 degrees in my apartment. I'm sleeping fine, and I chalk this up to growing up in North Dakota, where heat is so rare that we are biologically equipped to store it up in our bodies like polite solar panels for use in the winter months. David grew up in North Carolina, and has been miserable all weekend. As things heat up in New York, we've started a running list of different strategies we've used to be able to sleep through the night in a stale, humid apartment:

- get rid of any extra bedding
- open french doors and windows to circulate air
- sleep with fan trained directly on him
- stack pyramid of ice cubes in front of fan, believing that this will function as a makeshift air conditioner
- splash ice water on self every thirty minutes
- jump out of bed and run to the shower
- sleep upside down
- intermittently and loudly groan in agony

- go sleep on the couch

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