Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Heart is Light but the Bag is Heavy

I came to DC planning to finish a bunch of articles and type up notes on a bunch of books so that I could leave them in the US and not have to haul a small library across two continents. I have torn apart and reassembled two of those articles and still don't really like the way they're hanging together, and I'm not making great progress on the books. Boo.

In fact, I just finished a wonderful lunch with one of my coworkers from back in the day at Democracy, and I somehow ended up leaving the office with the last two copies of the journal plus three copies of books I've been meaning to read. When I worked there, my two favorite things in the world were a) ideas and b) raiding the journal's bookshelves. I don't really know how I'm going to get through these before the end of the month, but I suspect it will involve a great deal of frantic reading just before dawn on June 29th and potentially giving them away at JFK that afternoon. I also think I have to haul them around the farmer's market at the White House tonight. I know this was a bad idea and that I will be stressing about work at the end of June, but I'm also going to have pretty awesome shoulders.

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