Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Liveblogging Dinner

6:44pm: I just spent $14 on vegetables for this vegan stew that I arbitrarily decided that I needed to make tonight. (Plus tofu and sweet potatoes, because you can never have too much tofu or sweet potatoes.) I miss Sainsbury's Basic.
6:46pm: My parents started drinking wine since the last time I was home. I don't think they'll miss a bottle.
6:49pm: Dear Scooby, I am so, so sorry I just dropped that piece of onion on the floor. Please do not call the ASPCA.
6:55pm: Liz Phair, you are pretty terrible as a vegan stew soundtrack. You're up, Kimya Dawson!
6:59pm: Are turnips supposed to be encased in wax? Will I survive this dinner? Stay tuned!
7:04pm: I'm so glad my parents got on the wine bandwagon.
7:08pm: I'm either the slowest person ever or this requires a freakish amount of dicing.
7:11pm: My turnips are also waxed. Now I'm embarrassed because maybe this is a thing.
7:17pm: I just reread the recipe for this stew, and everyone's like "it's bland, add all this random stuff." I just put peanut butter in my stew. This is going to be a $14 disaster.
7:18pm: Lucy just peed on the floor and I stepped in it. I wish she had eaten the onion instead of Scooby.
7:23pm: The riesling helps. (So did a lot of soap.)
7:25pm: I just put cinnamon and ginger in this stew. I'm going to get arrested by the food police. Also, I'm getting hungry, and I still have at least 30 minutes of cooking time left. I should have made peanut butter and jelly.
7:40pm: Does anyone remember what movie features the phrase "culinary abortion"?
7:44pm: I just tasted it, and a) adding crushed red pepper to the thai curry sauce I'm stewing it in was a mistake, and it burns, and b) it also burns when you're so startled at its spiciness that you spill it down the front of your shirt and jeans. The total cost of this dinner is now $14 and my fertility.

Whoa, this is actually not that bad. I'm going to take my stew and watch old episodes of Daria now.

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