Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas, Dirty Girl Scout

We're off to the lakes tomorrow for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and that means two days of dial-up internet and shady cell phone reception and generalized wailing and gnashing of teeth. But! I finally submitted a paper on sexuality in international law that I've been working on for over a year and sent that off to a journal this afternoon, and I forgot what a pleasant person I can be when I haven't been agonizing over a paper for about eight months. (I've seen pregnancies that are shorter than this.)

But then we had our family's Christmas, which was kind of adorkable. We grilled chicken (for David and I) and porkchops (for the rest of the family) and camped out around the living room for a family dinner, then made coffee and unwrapped presents before diving into the madness of our extended family Christmases tomorrow and Thursday. My brother gave me this gorgeous watch that I kind of fell in love with at first sight, and my parents gave me slippers, a box painted with leftist slogans by this feminist artist in Chicago, and a semi-professional camera. (They know me too well.) I actually went through with the goat buying plan, which is maybe good because I tried to wrap the stuff I brought back from the Philippines and I've definitely gotten worse at wrapping since I was about twelve years old. It was pretty cute. And Kelly and Mike brought their significant others, and more importantly, their significant others brought gingerbread and it was crazy good.

Anyway, in our traditional family Christmas spirit, we all sort of sighed with contentment, and then David drove off to hang out with friends and my mom and I went to meet Brady for martinis. (I wanted something seasonal, so I ordered a Dirty Girl Scout with hazelnuts and mint. I was hoping it would taste like a Thin Mint, but it actually just tasted like minty booze. I would buy so many more Girl Scout cookies if they could patent this.)

And I got rid of the leftovers! I finally finished the last of the frozen stew, everyone divided up the rest of the mashed sweet potatoes, and I grabbed the other half of the grapefruit for a snack. I avoided the tofu because it turns out that it didn't agree with my sister and she spent most of yesterday night vomiting up the ginger marinated batch we made together. I was fine, so I refuse to take the blame for food poisoning her and have instead decided to blame my parents for not introducing her to soy products earlier in life. Meh, expanding your horizons hurts sometimes.

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