Friday, 12 June 2009

The Day of Reckoning

I'm not very good at working hard and then playing hard, because I usually finish working hard and then feel a weird sense of postpartum depression about whatever I've just finished and feebly look for random assignments to fill my time. I'm perfectly aware that I do this, except I didn't want to do it after finishing my MPhil and figured that I actually deserve a two week break that I can't escape at will. So basically, I'm taking my exam in two hours, getting changed and going to dinner, and then going into London tomorrow to intercept Emma before we spend a week roadtripping to the Cotswolds, Liverpool, Edinburgh, and York, sprinkling in a formal dinner, night of clubbing in London, and boat party on the Isis, then dropping off Emma and picking up my mother in London for another bombastic week of sightseeing and trying to persuade my mother that it would be culturally insensitive for her to not drink at noon with me. And the upside is that if I fail my exam, I have 24 hour supervision to make sure that I don't do something crazy like join a roller derby. Everyone wins!


Brendon said...

in edinburgh do go to 'the outsider' for lunch, its just off the royal mile. They have a moules frites that i think was pretty much ace (its like a bit more than a tenner). Also the gallery of modern art has a pretty cool David Hirst show right now (which is free).

Ryan said...

Brilliant, thanks - we'll check both of them out!