Friday, 12 June 2009


I know I should have been a ball of jubilation and norepinephrine in the last exam of my degree today, but I looked up at the clock halfway through and all I could think was, "I think I might stop writing now." I resisted that impulse and actually finished my exam, but I did bore myself so badly that I ended up writing 3/4 of each answer, then going back in the last fifteen minutes to write a trio of concluding paragraphs that each began, "Ultimately..." This is the danger of having nothing else to study for since March; it turns out that I've read and picked apart and flashcarded each of the 80+ readings so many times that none of them seem remotely interesting anymore and my essays were basically just descriptive bibliographies of thirty years of theory about the state.

I did earn my freedom, though, which is why I partially disrobed and I'm currently drinking a very large iced americano from Starbucks and eating a peach and raspberry muffin roughly an hour before dinner and watching an MST3K short from what appears to be the early 1990s. Behold, these are my basest instincts.

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