Friday, 5 June 2009

Operation: Life Skillz

So this is creepy, but I realized that I'm more self-disciplined when I classify mundane things as tactical battles. I started calling my attempt to regain a six pack Operation: Stop Getting Fat, and I totally started going to the gym again and put a self-imposed ban on buying cereal, which I tend to eat fistfuls of all day long with no self-control whatsoever. (I suffered a strategic loss when I went to a picnic on Wednesday and Chase pointed out that we had suddenly become the Girls at the Dessert Table. Still, it's going pretty well.)

Anyway, I'm toying with the idea of Operation: Fiscal Discipline and Operation: Rule the (Exam) School as I try to make it through the rest of June with a) a positive balance in my bank account and b) a halfway decent score on my last exam at Oxford. As a result, I've been doing odd jobs and making flash cards like nobody's business for the past two days. I'm as uneasy as you are that I can only succeed at life when I frame it in blatantly militaristic terms, but there you go. When I start using euphemisms for things like Operation: Glorious Success, I'm going to enter counseling.

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