Friday, 21 August 2009

Hello, Brooklyn

First of all, AMY RAY WAS SO GOOD. The rest of the day was fun, too - Kelly and I met David for lunch at Two Boots, then I took Kelly up to Central Park and to the Met, where all she wanted to do was sit on the steps like the girls from Constance. (She is so clearly my sister.) We got on the subway to go to MoMA, but the sky somehow darkened while we were underground and we resurfaced and were like, wow, it sort of looks like the apocalypse. We're usually pretty hardy, but we estimated that we would be spending about forty-five minutes in line, and that we had about five minutes until it started pouring rain. So we decided to go on Monday and went to Sugar Sweet Sunshine for cupcakes instead. (We've basically been alternating between pizza and frozen yogurt, so this was dietary variety.)

And then I dropped Kelly at the apartment to wait for David and booked it to Brooklyn for the Amy Ray concert, which was AMAZING. Toshi Reagon was opening, which is why I got tickets for the Friday concert in Brooklyn instead of the (much closer) Thursday concert on the LES, but I didn't know that Gail-Ann Dorsey (!) was playing backup for her or that Melissa York (!!) was playing drums for Amy Ray. It was like four queer rockstars for the price of one. And Amy Ray not only played all the songs I like off her new album, but did Blender, Sober Girl, and Put It Out for Good off of Prom, which are like my three favorite tracks from that album. (In keeping with my habit of developing a massive crush on people's drummers, I now have a huge crush on Melissa York. To the point that I almost threw my underwear on stage.)

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