Saturday, 29 August 2009

Yay, Nomads

I haven't seen Lawrence for two years, which is sort of unacceptable when you consider that a) we lived together for two years during college, and b) this made us friends instead of driving us to hate each other. So that ends now! Lawrence came up from DC yesterday and we met up with Emma for the afternoon, and I remembered why I liked being in Lowell so much. (Oddly, Lawrence, Steve, Emma, and I will all be in Europe a year from now, so cross your fingers and hope we're as awesome in diaspora.)

We went to Penelope for lunch, then wandered downtown to Momofuku Milk Bar for banana cake and compost cookies. (Emma flagged the compost cookies, which have pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, butterscotch, and chocolate chips. They are basically the bakery equivalent of my garbage can salads and garbage can stir-fry, and they are delicious.) We wandered back to Queens to watch some 30 Rock, and then Lawrence took off back to Manhattan, Emma's roommate made mojitos, and Emma and I whipped up some basmati rice from her government-sized bag and made some Thai vegetables in peanut sauce and then we all sat down for a stereotypical rum-laced family dinner.

(I was going to spend today at Spike Lee's celebration of Michael Jackson in Prospect Park, because why not? but that and the chihuahua races were cancelled due to weather. I can't believe I left England for this.)

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