Monday, 17 August 2009

Literary Dilemma #2: Hero Versus Nature

I'm in my room trying to sleep, and I can't, because there's a suicidal vole who's repeatedly throwing itself against my window. (Lo, the perils of living in a basement.) Usually, I only sleep in this room during a time of year when every living creature is a) indoors, b) hibernating, c) migrating, or d) dead. I'm too lazy to put on pants and go upstairs to steal the empty bed in my brother's room, so instead, I'm lying awake trying to remember if voles are nocturnal, because that fact makes all the difference when I'm torn between trying to outlast it or lying here and feeling only 75% sure that it can't suddenly hurl itself extra forcefully and land on my sleeping body in a cascade of broken glass.

It sounds like it's using tools now.

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