Wednesday, 26 August 2009

No Place Like Home

Well, that was a crazy weekend. David (the brother, not the significant other) had to wait for someone to come fix his air conditioner on Sunday, so I took Kelly to brunch at Vynl, Madame Tussauds, and 9 to 5, all of which were so much more fun than I expected. Madame Tussauds is the kind of place that I'd never really planned to see on my own, but then a friend got us tickets and we spent like two hours taking racy and generally inappropriate pictures with wax figures of famous people. Despite the fact that we kept yelling "SHA-RON!" across the house at each other the whole time I was home, Kelly refused to sit next to the Osbournes because they looked too real. (She loosened up after that, though, and was sure enough that Woody Allen was not actually alive that I got an excellent picture of the two of them that I really, really hope my parents will use for a Christmas card.) 9 to 5 was even better (Allison Janney is quite possibly my favorite person, ever), and then after that we basically went back to David's apartment and basked in the air conditioning while I did the NYT crossword. (I'm too poor to splurge on things like "cabs" or "meals," but I somehow still spent $5 on the NYT. I'm going to pretend it was because I needed to have a copy of the magazine's special issue on women and development.)

On Monday, Kelly really, really wanted to go to a taping of It's On With Alexa Chung, and I somehow got us tickets to the taping and stood in line with Kelly for two hours so we'd be sure to get into the audience. I'd never heard of the show, but it's one of Kelly's favorites - to the point that she was so giddy that I had to tell her to calm down multiple times as we went up to the studio and got placed directly behind Alexa. (If you watch the episode, I'm one of the five young men in the audience - specifically, the one who is at least a foot taller than everyone else there.) I was mostly having fun watching Kelly having fun and feeling old because I literally had no idea who any of the guests were. But then Alexa ended the episode by showing off her new Mac and giving a free iPod Touch to everyone in the audience. Sometimes, it literally pays to be a good older brother, and since Kelly talked me out of selling it so that I could afford food and weekend editions of the New York Times, I've spent the past two days downloading apps so I can listen to NPR and play Mrs. PacMan. It's basically the most useful tool ever.

The whole trip was a blast - we went to MoMA and I took her through Chinatown and Little Italy for lunch, and we spent a lot of time hanging out in the apartment watching South Park and Futurama. It was actually kind of sad yesterday when I dropped her at La Guardia and sent her back to Fargo - the trip confirmed that I'm way too high strung to be a parent ("Look, someone dropped grapes on the subway!" "Kelly, don't... why would you stomp on that?"), but also that my little sister is turning out to be pretty terrific and a ton of fun.

It was also kind of sad because the rest of my day was more or less disastrous. I spent four hours taking Kelly to La Guardia and staying at the gate until she was airborne, went to the Apple Store and realized I couldn't afford a $30 sleeve for my iPod, found a RadioShack and bought a sleeve for $20, walked all the way to David's and realized that I'd bought a sleeve for the iPhone that protected my iPod about as well as wrapping it in a plastic bag, and had to trek back to exchange it for a $10 sleeve that said on the box that it was for "the 2th gerneration iPod Touch." ($10 does not buy you spelling.) I got back and collapsed on the sofa, and then got a call from Brady with good news and bad news.

The good news is that we're scheduling an appointment this week to sign a lease for an apartment in Hell's Kitchen that is more or less perfect for Brady and I. The bad news is that the lease begins September 15th, which means that I'll have spent a month sleeping on the couches, futons, and vacant beds of various friends, relatives, and very loose acquaintances in New York before I actually move into my apartment. If I have any friends left by the time I have a housewarming party, I'm going to consider this a success.

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