Monday, 25 January 2010


Well, this weekend's dorkiest moment is a tie between turning into a shy five year old in front of Kathleen Sebelius at Eastern Market and getting super excited because I found original copies of Pleasure and Danger and Families We Choose for a grand total of $3.66 at Lambda Rising. (We went to their last day of business like two months ago, but they were somehow still open and promising that they were closing this weekend. Mostly the visit was handy for jacking copies of Metro Weekly, which ran our op-ed this week. And because they reliably play the Glee soundtrack on a loop, and I am not above forcing the other four people with me to stay just so I can listen to Don't Rain on My Parade. The dorkiness may be a three-way tie.)

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Natalia Espejo said...

You must send a text when you run in to the Secretary of Health and Human Service. Ahem.