Thursday, 14 January 2010

Finian's Rainbow!

I just saw Finian's Rainbow and it was SO GOOD. The music is beautiful, and the cast was uniformly excellent. Terri White is fantastic, and Cheyenne Jackson gives me the vapors. (The plot is totally insane and could plausibly have been written by playing Boggle drunk, but that weirdly does not detract from the experience at all.) It was even better because I saw it with Maria, who is in from Oxford for a week. We already spend all of our time looking for innuendo and problematizing fairy tales, so seeing a musical about racism and immigration and free markets was pretty much a goldmine. When they made a reference to red propaganda, we were the only people who were like, "oops!" and cracked up laughing as the old people around us just looked befuddled. And then afterwards, we got dinner at Room Service and talked about how the leprechaun and deaf ballerina were basically a fucked-up Pygmalion story, and I was like, Jesus, I have missed you.

It is basically a multicultural acid dream, and I mean that in the most positive way possible. If you're in New York, you should totally try to see it before it closes on Sunday. (Also, my friend Lauren is in it. Shameless plug!)

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