Monday, 29 March 2010

The Endearingly Awkward Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

So although I've periodically backed up and purged my archives on this blog, my first blog - from 2003-2004 - has just been kind of languishing on the internet for the past seven years. I just reread it, and it was actually kind of cute - I fairly obsessively documented my first year of college and adjusting to life in Boston, my first friendships, my first kiss with my first boyfriend, my first time leaving the country, etc. (It is remarkable that I was not expelled, ostracized, Nexted, or killed in at any one of these firsts.) It was also kind of embarrassing, because I was 19, and also because I don't think I was quite aware that blogs were, you know, available at any time to anyone with a computer. And that you should think about that before you describe Larry Summers dancing.

Still, between this and all of my other archives, if I ever want to read 1,500 pages about my life between the ages of 19 and 25, I've got myself covered. I can also sum these years up by saying that I am as clumsy and prone to writing extensively about baked goods as I have ever been. Some things are just not going to change.

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