Monday, 1 March 2010

Time Just Flies

WHAT ACK HOW IS IT MARCH. March 1 means that I have three more months of (field)work before I have to figure out whether I'm staying in NYC or going somewhere else this summer before going back to Oxford to hunker down in a library this fall. (It is officially the point where I should stop ordering books at approximately quadruple the rate that I can read them.) The last couple of months are going to fly by extra fast because I'm supposed to go to Miami, San Francisco, Boston, Baltimore, and DC on six of the weekends, which means that I have very few weekends to putter around the apartment reading novels and disabling the smoke detectors to try cooking new things. I'm badly going to miss that - it's been seven years since I've lived in one place for more than nine months, and I very much like the set-up I've got in NYC. I'm torn between anticipation and being like, ugh, my kingdom for a permanent address and possessions that cannot be rapidly collapsed into two suitcases and a carry-on bag.

Speaking of mobility, I'm currently really into two of my friend's blogs - Mike's in New York and Magali's in Vanuatu. We all talked about Magali's today at Teaism in DC when it came up and we all agreed that we should send her shampoo and we hope she is still alive.

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