Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Paula Deen + Dumpster Diving = My End of Month Cooking

Because I'm arbitrarily trying to stay within my monthly budget, my cooking at the end of the month is always especially fun and innovative. I just tossed a fried egg on top of garlic rice, black beans, and grilled zucchini, onions, and tofu with a ridiculous amount of cayenne pepper on top of them. That was pretty much the end of what was in my cupboards. So! My choices tomorrow are either to throw some vegetables and tofu and pasta sauce into what might potentially pass as a pie or calzone, or to make sandwiches out of Pop Tarts, dried cherries, and leftover chocolate from Valentine's Day. I am so sick of vegetables that I'm actually leaning toward the latter.

UPDATE: I was looking for recipes for pies like the kind in the UK, but ended up finding a recipe for a pie with a rice, egg, and cheese crust and grilled vegetables, olives, tomatoes, and cheese for the top. I don't have olives, tomatoes, and cheese, so I'm attempting to make a vegan pie out of the brown rice, tofu, and leftover vegetables in my fridge. The prognosis is not looking that great - the crust almost slid out of the pan when I showed it to Brady, and I'm kind of concerned that the pan is too big and it will become rock solid when I bake it for an hour. It helps that we are also raiding the dregs of our wine collection, which is why I'm drinking something that I described as carbonated grape juice but Brady immediately identified as cheap communion wine. And it is. And I'm now passing the time looking for bulk communion wine for our kitchen.

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