Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Family Pilgrimage!

Since New York apparently speeds through spring with a week of drizzle and the aggressive appearance of 100,000 tulips, it is now summer, and that means I have no excuse to avoid running in the morning. This started on Tuesday when Lee and I went for a run by the garbage piles and heavy machinery of the piers in Midtown West, and will (theoretically) continue tomorrow when I try the park and see if there are fewer piles of trash and bulldozers in our way. (I know there are approximately as many yuppies with dogs, which I actually kind of like on my jogging route.)

And with the warm weather comes my family, who are all heading up here at the end of April, when my brother and I will play host to our parents, younger brother, and younger sister. I go slightly overboard planning trips like this, and overcompensate for my family's tendency to be like, "we're up for pretty much anything." The result is sort of like if Rick Steves was in charge of leading the Bataan Death March. And while I'm a pro when it's my mom visiting Oxford or my little sister visiting New York, it's considerably harder when it's my 24 year old brother, both of my parents, my 18 year old brother, and my 14 year old sister, which automatically makes the majority of activity involving sports, art, museums, non-American food, and alcohol out of the question. (Only one of us is wrecking the last item, but I'm not pointing fingers.)

So basically, I'm looking for fun ideas in New York - I'm making them do all of the touristy stuff they want to do when I'm in Baltimore for the first day of their visit, and then planning frenetic activity for the rest of the weekend. I am totally open to quirky ideas, including those that involve splitting up strategically so everyone can have fun and nobody kills each other. This is so much harder than it sounds.

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