Thursday, 15 April 2010

Glee, then Panic, then Glee

There is perhaps nothing more panic-inducing than going to a viewing party for the return of Glee and being fully prepared - to the point that you know the guest stars, have readied the drinking game, and know that it will begin at exactly 9:28 EST - than having someone accidentally sit on the remote at 9:17. It was the most frantic and tense ten minutes in recent memory, which not only tells you something about how much excitement I have in my life but also how bad we all are at operating rudimentary technology.

We managed with a minute to spare, were so thrilled by Sue Sylvester's reenactment of Vogue that we promptly went to Marie's - making this the fourth or fifth time that we have gone on a Tuesday promising to stay for an hour and broke that promise to nobody's surprise but our own. I'm lucky we didn't have a Glee Club in high school, because I suspect it would have ruined my life.

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