Tuesday, 27 April 2010

My Life is Less Complicated Than Stealing A Baby. Or: Success!

I just had one of those days where I am not only overwhelmed by everything but then handle all of those things kind of incompetently, and then feel really useless. (I have a creeping fear of the bedbugs returning, I'm waiting on my funding for the upcoming year, and it turns out South Africa Airways does not have a confirmation screen to confirm that the dates are right. The highlight of today was when, after a full afternoon of shopping for flights, I accidentally bought a $1650 flight on the wrong day instead of the $1250 flight I intended. I called them immediately, but was told it still takes $250 to fix this. Boo.) It helped that I went to dinner at Room Service with David and a bunch of friends and saw The Kid, which was all complex with its gay politics and its adoption politics and its homelessness politics and at least made me feel like my life is not as complicated as I sometimes pretend that it is. (The lesson I took away from it is that the easiest way to get a baby is probably just to kidnap one from a crowded public venue. I do not think that was Dan Savage's intention, but there you go.)

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