Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Kimya Dawson!

So this trip to Boston has been waaay too short, but I did get to swing by Diesel, grab dinner with Steve, Luisa, and Nicole at Dali, and then go see Kimya Dawson at the Somerville Theater, which is a pretty great way to spend your last night in town. Kimya Dawson was awesome - she's so, so funny live. I'm totes buying her children's album.

i took the polaroid down in my room
i'm pretty sure you have a new girlfriend
it's not as if i don't like you
it just makes me sad whenever i see it
'cause i like to be gone most of the time
and you like to be home most of the time
if i stay in one place i lose my mind
i'm a pretty impossible lady to be with

now i'm home for less than twenty-four hours
that's hardly time to take a shower
hug my family and take your picture off the wall
check my email write a song and make a few phone calls
before it's time to leave again
i've got one hand on the steering wheel
one waving out the window
if i'm a spinster for the rest of my life
my arms will keep me warm on cold and lonely nights

(Sadly, Kimya Dawson has no songs about hanging out with old friends, your closest family, and ex-boyfriends before flying to Croatia, but somehow this works. Except for maybe the spinster part. Give it fifty years and I'll let you know.)

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