Tuesday, 29 April 2008

You Don't See This Level of Quality at the Oxford Union

I'm swamped with essays and concentrating on the thought that I'm four papers shy of potentially being done with weekly essays for the rest of my life, but as I do that, I've still managed to find time to leave my desk! I had a breakfast party yesterday, did a little bit of rowing, got to the gym yesterday and today, and then went to a goodbye tea for a friend of mine who's finishing her degree in Copenhagen. (Incidentally, she was frantically packing and we ended up having her goodbye tea in her absence. More people should try this. It's really good practice for the real thing.)

And rather than thinking about color terminology and feuding societies, this has left me occupied with other questions:

- Should our MCR change the position of 'wine steward' to 'sommelier'?
- Batman or Superman? Discuss.
- Might there be a relationship between cultural memory in Austria (the painful memories of empire, the repression of collective complicity in the Holocaust, the specter of the Balkans, etc.) and impregnating one's children? BONUS: Might the same things foster epic transcontinental prostitute-strangling?
- Can you theorize aesthetics cross-culturally?

Boo, guess which of those papers I'll be starting tomorrow afternoon. Hint: it doesn't involve wine, Batman, or prostitutes.

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