Sunday, 13 April 2008

There Will Be Bled

Emma and I were both exhausted enough that we slept in our cell (adorable, actually has bars!) for almost eleven hours, but then we got up, killed some time at the antique markets, and hopped on a bus to Bled. It was overcast and sprinkling when we arrived, but we stopped into a little seafood joint on Lake Bled and split grilled squid and tagliatelle with mixed seafood, and it had cleared up a little when we finished. (We also continued a proud tradition of drinking preposterously cheap table wine that was, like last night, crazy delicious.)

Afterwards, we walked around the lake and saw Tito's old villa, then hired a pletna to take us out to Bled Island. I didn't make Emma carry me up the flight of 98 stairs to see if she'd be a suitable husband for me, but we did ring the bell in the chapel so that our dreams would come true. We accidentally pulled too hard and it rang about two dozen times instead of three, so I've got a lot of awesomeness coming my way. As an added bonus, I got a picture of Christ's bris, where a fresco depicts the baby Jesus being menaced by a guy with a knife. (Somehow, I missed that at the Vatican, but Slovenia's got it covered.) We're back in Ljubljana for the evening, then it's on to Zagreb and Split tomorrow. (Our plan tonight involves gay nightlife and some type of greasy, late-night cuisine. It'll either be burek or horse hamburgers, depending on how much we've had to drink and how impaired our judgment has become.)

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