Thursday, 29 May 2008

In Which I Unexpectedly Empathize with Rachel Ray

I've always disliked Rachel Ray because she smiles too much and cooks with Triscuits, but I did feel really bad for her when Dunkin Donuts dropped her ad after Michelle Malkin freaked out because she was wearing what appeared to be a kefiyah. Since the only thing I dislike more than the Jokeresque grin of Rachel Ray is the smug, self-satisfied smirk of Michelle Malkin, I sent iPhoto love to Rachel to let her know that I think people are crazy and irrational and should maybe spend less time panicking over DONUT ADVERTISEMENTS.

And you know what, Michelle? Rachel Ray may run on poppers and granulated sugar, but America runs on Dunkin. And by the transitive property (or something), that means a) that you hate America and b) that Dunkin Donuts, one of those wacky Hollywood liberals, the Palestinians, a gay guy living in England, and most taxpaying residents of Massachusetts are more American than you are. Oh, you so just imploded.

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Anonymous Blogger said...

hahaha, I loved that post. And I hated Rachel Ray on her 40dollars a day show. It was not pleasant to watch her pinch every penny she had on food.