Tuesday, 27 May 2008

The Power of Suggestion

I was walking to my last lecture of the year today and got a text from Abby, saying that she'd handed in her dissertation and was going for lunch at Pieminister. Without missing a beat, I spun on my heel and met her for a pie. This officially makes me a) the weakest person ever, b) very, very fulfilled, and c) nominally less informed about ethnicity and nationalism.

I had the Heidi Pie, which is goat's cheese, sweet potato, spinach, red onion, and roasted garlic in pastry, squashed into a bed of mashed potatoes and topped with minty peas. I've had lamb every other time that I've gone because it seems heartier somehow, but today I went vegetarian and it was still totally filling. I figured that watching Sweeney Todd had turned me off any remotely carnivorous pies for a while, but considering that I ordered a pie called Heidi, that theory doesn't really hold water.

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