Monday, 20 October 2008

In Which I Am Not Even the Hottest Thing in My Otherwise Unoccupied Building

I got back from the gym tonight, peeled off my shirt and socks, and plodded down to the shower on the third floor in my track pants. When I got there, the door to my bathroom was locked - which is unusual, because I'm the only person living in the stairwell, but it's not unheard of because the tearoom is downstairs and hey, everybody pees. I figured that it would probably be awkward when a total stranger popped out to find me half-naked in the stairwell, but it also seemed really childish to hide in my kitchen.

And then I heard something in my kitchen, and the door swung open and Jamie came out. She started to laugh and I shyly pulled my jeans and tee-shirt up to hide my half-nakedness, and I apologized because I'd always gotten away with nobody seeing me when I've trotted down in my shorts before. And then I changed the subject by asking how the curry she and Ed had made had turned out, and she said it went off without a hitch. (I know it's easy to make, but everything seems adventurous when your culinary ability runs the gamut from stir-fry to boiling vegetables with pasta, spiced up with the occasional bowl of cereal.)

As if on cue, the second doorway on the landing opened, and Ed and Mark came out, and I blushed a deeper shade of red and tried to cover more of myself with my bundle of clothes. And before we really had time to chat, the bathroom door opened and Dan popped out, and there I was, hanging out with everyone in the stairwell just like I do on a lot of evenings, except this time they were fully clothed and I was wearing nothing but track pants and getting sort of cold and blushing in many, many colors. I ducked into the bathroom to shower, and Dan kindly offered to prop the door if I wasn't done stripping in public. I declined.

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