Monday, 20 October 2008

Rural Populism Changes Everything

It's starting to look like the Forum poll that showed Obama up by 2 in North Dakota wasn't a total outlier (!), since a Research 2000 poll this week came up with Obama and McCain in a tie. Wha?

If Obama reopens his campaign office there, I'm seriously tempted to go back and volunteer for the week before the election, even though this is a) the worst possible timing in my term and b) completely impractical. Alternately, I'll probably just donate a bunch of that plane ticket money to the Democrats-NPL in North Dakota or the No on 8 campaign in California. I sent my absentee ballot, and I guess I'll also call my grandma to try to convince her not to vote for McCain, even though this means that I'll probably have to shatter the illusion that I can't call because I'm in England, and then I'll have to explain what Skype is, and then I'll be expected to call her every weekend for the rest of my life.

This is when I grit my teeth and mumble something about country first.

UPDATE: In wholly unrelated news, I stumbled over this feminist blog by women in North and South Dakota this afternoon, and it is tremendous.

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