Tuesday, 7 April 2009

It's Grocery Day Tomorrow

So we've taken to going to the farmer's market every Wednesday to stock up on fruits, vegetables, nuts, and eggs, because it's ridiculously fresh and happens basically on our doorstep. I thought we had a bunch of vegetables left over from this past week and I was going to make a bombastic stir-fry to get rid of them tonight, but then I opened the fridge and we had:

- two carrots
- one sweet potato
- half of an onion

Foresight is not my strong suit. But! We also had four tortillas left, so I carmelized half an onion, peeled and then carmelized two carrots,* and microwaved a sweet potato within an inch of its life before mashing it with milk, honey, and nutmeg and stirred it all together to make a radioactive kind of root vegetable pudding. And then I lightly fried two tortillas, scooped the spread on top of them, and covered those with two more lightly fried tortillas, and it totally made two yuppie enchiladas. And I liked them, although that might be because I'm like a five year old who doesn't think anything's gross as long as he makes it himself.

*This may or may not be real.

1 comment:

shellcoast said...

You must be a good chef!
And your meal should be yummy!