Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Welcome to Thesis Hell

I'm sending the very final draft of my thesis to my supervisor on Sunday, which means that this is my week in Thesis Hell. In a creepy echo of my undergraduate thesis, this means setting up a desk at my boyfriend's house and sitting in a blizzard of papers and dirty dishes and staring at my laptop for roughly fifteen hours a day. (The difference is that David is in Essay Hell in the room next door, which would be cute if we weren't both getting our asses kicked by academia.)

I feel gross. I only get up to pee and forage for cereal downstairs. I haven't been to my gym since Saturday. Today, I got up and went to work at a cafe, but I was so overwhelmed by the presence of other human beings that I only wrote three paragraphs in the two hours I was there and decided that I can't afford to do that anymore. Except I'm secretly worried that I'm going to fuse to my chair, so I might break that rule.

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SKN said...

Me too, Ryan! I am working on some final revisions and will defend on the 28th. Good luck!