Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Little Things You Do Together

A Little Night Music is still playing in London! It's like my favorite Sondheim musical after Company! I'm totally going to go see it this month to justify being in Oxford writing my thesis over the break instead of lounging on a beach in, say, Greece.

The worst part is that I might go see it alone, for two reasons. First, because there aren't many people who I would blindside with an Ingmar Bergman inspired musical in waltz time. I don't have very many archnemeses. And secondly, because I remember thinking that seeing Raul Esparza in Company was a dream come true, but that it might have been a bad idea to bring my boyfriend to a musical about someone who can't commit to anyone in a world of failed or dysfunctional marriages. (Fact: in one production, Bobby doesn't show up at his birthday party in the last scene because he kills himself.) A less terrible example is going to Sweeney Todd and watching an unrequited love end in someone being burned alive in a furnace, although that was also kind of a downer. Anyway, I would say that in the Family Feud round "Awful Date Musicals by Steven Sondheim" the one about Scandinavian infidelity would rank just above the one about people who have murdered a president. Barely.

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