Monday, 4 May 2009

Kids Smell Weird

I dropped off my thesis at the Exam Schools today and celebrated by filling out a fellowship application (not even joking) and then going to see Hannah Montana: The Movie with Sarah. The movie theater was filled with screaming girls between the ages of 4 and 14, and we were so comically out of place that I felt really bad for the toddlers who had to sit behind my comparatively giant head. (Also, kids smell weird. You forget that in a university setting, but there you go.)

I was picking up my tickets and the guy was like, "for what movie?" and I was like, "for Hannah Montana, please!" and I suddenly realized that I was actually a little bit excited about seeing this movie and I blushed. I wasn't aware that I was this invested in what happens to Miley Stewart, but it turns out I am. And I was not disappointed. Sarah and I both agreed afterwards that it was unsettlingly compelling, and when Hannah reveals a major secret at one point in the film, I gasped a little and put my fist up to my mouth. The soundtrack was good enough that I might have gone home and immediately listened to Hoedown Throwdown on repeat. (We will never speak of this again.) It also had the weirdest cameos ever, such as Barry "Rocky Horror Picture Show" Bostwick, Vanessa Williams, the woman who plays Jan Levinson-Gould on the Office, and the adorable mail carrier from the end of "Paris, Je T'Aime," who played Miley's grandmother and was my favorite character for so many reasons (she is sassy, she is matronly, she looks like my grandmother, "Paris Je T'aime," etc.). As a bonus, I'm going to give away a secret and say that watching Tyra Banks throw Miley Cyrus over a couch was the highlight of my week.

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