Sunday, 31 May 2009


I'm giving a paper on class, sexuality, and transgression in Gossip Girl tomorrow, and I was just planning on giving the version I presented at the Oxford Radical Forum until a friend of mine who's watched every episode multiple times mentioned that she's planning to come and has tons of questions. And I suddenly realized that this paper probably sounds good to academics who have never watched the show or devotees who don't regularly think of pop culture in Gramscian terms, but not to the tiny but terrifying group of people who are at the middle of that Venn diagram. And now it is midnight, and I'm pounding tea and trying to trick Slideshow into letting me do impossible things.

The worst part was that I poured myself a cup of coffee, pulled up the paper, and sat down to do this at about 4pm this afternoon, and then David called and this happened:

"Hey, what are you up to?"
"I just sat down at my desk."
"You should probably take a break."
"I can't. What's up?"
"They just set up a Moon Bounce across the street."
"Don't move, I'm on my way."

Now I'm sunburned and totally screwed and I have some kind of weird anti-gravity rickets.

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