Saturday, 2 May 2009

Signed and Sealed, If Not Quite Delivered

I had the weird foresight to ask at the print shop yesterday to see if they'd be closed for the Bank Holiday on Monday, and lo, they are. This basically meant I had to have it finished and dropped off for binding in time to pick it up when they close at 2pm today, even though the thesis isn't due till Tuesday. WHATEVER I DID IT. I worked on it all of yesterday afternoon, did some proofreading in the evening, and suddenly it was midnight and I was like, "oh, balls, here we go again." It's like the first actual all-nighter I think I've pulled since my senior year of college, in that I didn't sleep at all except for fifteen minutes during breakfast when I either a) fell asleep or b) got roofied by General Mills. I just went to drop it off, and I'm sitting bolt upright at my desk because I'm terrified that I'll fall asleep and they'll close with my thesis locked in the building. The good news is that it's done, the bad news is that I plan to celebrate by crawling under the covers and slowing my whole body down until I'm clinically dead. I will wake up on Monday.

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