Thursday, 25 February 2010

Panel FTW

I was not optimistic about speaking on this panel up by the UN today - mostly because yesterday, I wore grown-up clothes to attend this colloquium at Columbia Law and managed to spill an entire bowl of pasta and tomato sauce down the front of myself about twenty minutes before I had to leave the office to go to Morningside Heights. (It really throws you when you catch someone looking at your shoes and realize that they're covered in bright red spots and that you look like a young Bret Easton Ellis character.) I feel like spilling food on yourself should disqualify a person from any kind of public speaking for at least 24 hours.

And then this morning, I woke up and it was snowing outside, which is terrible news because my only shoes have absolutely zero traction and I have to walk carefully and in an almost bowlegged fashion to get anywhere without totally wiping out. When I'm walking in the snow in dress shoes, I keep my hands out of my pockets to flail more efficiently and don't even buy coffee, because there is a very good probability that it the majority of it will end up giving third degree burns to myself or those around me.

But today, I made it all the way to the UN without anything going wrong, and spoke on the panel without any slapstick disasters along the way. Tremendous! And we're celebrating in the apartment by drinking wine product, because we've almost exhausted all of the leftover wine from our holiday party. Where blizzards don't get me, wine product typically does.


Anonymous said...

wine product=... boxed wine?
or is it like the new "red wine extract" that i heard the woman hawking the last time i took an airplane ride?

Badly Drawn Boy said...

ive come to the embarrassing resolution of carrying a towel around when im eating at home. the chances of spillage are so high such methods are necessary!

nice blog, keep it up


Anonymous said...

不能記住往事的,人注定要重蹈覆轍。 ..................................................