Wednesday, 4 March 2009

I'm a Delinquent

Wow, writing a 30,000 word thesis is harder than I thought. Despite having drafted four chapters already that totalled about 26,000 words, actually fitting all of these together, making the suggested edits, looking up all of the sources that I marked with question marks, and putting together an introduction and conclusion have taken me the better part of two weeks. (I'm launching into the last 48 hours, which is sort of terrifying.)

So despite being totally stressed and not fun to be around, I've still (inexplicably) spent the past week doing random things that severely impair your ability to write about globalization and sexuality.

- On Thursday, David and I went to the Abopalypse as same-sex marriage, which mostly confused people who didn't get the irony and thought we had just come to the party from a wedding. (I was going to go as coral bleaching and just wear all white and dye my hair white, but same-sex marriage was cuter.)
- On Friday, I went to the wine tasting in Hertford, had five glasses of wine, and made the mistake of going upstairs to check my email and impulsively bought train tickets to Windsor to meet up with Christina for her birthday. (Christina and I met kind of randomly in Brussels and ended up going out a bunch of times, and then bumped into each other when we were both living in DC, and now she's doing a master's program in Bath and we decided to rock another country in the Western Hemisphere. She is what I would be if I were a sorority girl from North Carolina, and is one of my favorite people ever.)
- On Saturday, I took the train to Windsor, had dinner with Christina and Anna, had a little celebratory champagne and a sizable amount of celebratory gin and tonic. After gearing up around midnight, we ended up spending most of the early hours of the morning on various stages and platforms at a large, crowded, humid, foggy, and wonderfully sketchy club called Liquid. After we closed that down, we got chips and started watching Ocean's 13 until I fell asleep fully clothed on Anna's couch around 4am. And three hours and forty-five minutes later, I got up and caught a train back to Oxford to meet David for brunch. I do crazy things for North Carolinians and Nutella.
- I spent much of Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday watching Gossip Girl and thinking about Marxism, as I agreed to present a paper on the show at the Oxford Radical Forum on Friday. This was also a bad idea that sounded totally fun at the time.
- So was agreeing to spend all of tomorrow night in Stratford seeing the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of the Tempest. Oops.

But by the time the week is done, I'll totally have a full 30,000 words off to my supervisor and then I can become a normal, likable person again and not get antsy and freak out when I'm not at my laptop by 9:30am every morning. Yay!

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