Monday, 1 September 2008

Cebu and Bohol

This is the Carbon Market in Cebu, which was hella fun because I'm totally a market fetishist. (I bought a machete here, because it's handy for cutting fruit, and who can turn down a small machete for just $0.75? Not me, apparently!)
The street food in Cebu was probably the best I've had so far. Especially the grilled bananas, which changed my life.
Here are the Chocolate Hills, which I saw during a marathon trip to Bohol that involved the first ferry out of Cebu to Tagbilaran,, the first bus from Tagbilaran to Carmen, approximately fifteen minutes of dutifully hiking to the lookout and snapping a dozen pictures, and then racing back.
Except as I waited for the bus, this guy named Mark was like, 'hey, only 500 pesos for a tour of the island,' and I was like, 'gee, I've only got 300, but I can skip the rest of the island if you find me a tarsier' and we haggled and I won. And that's how I ended up speeding around on the back of his motorcycle on the road back to Loboc, and since I was straddling him and my mouth was in his ear, we got to chatting. He ended up showing me the man-made forest, the bamboo bridge, and the tarsier just to be nice. (At one point, he was like, 'you can't appreciate the island from inside a car, you need to see it without walls' and I was like, 'um, helmets usually prevent that, but yeah, trust that I'm soaking in the beauty as I cling to you like a tarsier.' Anyway, here's Mark delivering on his promise.
Here's when I went to the fiesta and pageant outside Cebu, which was amazing. See that? That's ethnography.

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