Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Even My Triumphant Finale is a Joke

So two hours after I triumphantly decided that I was done with my fieldwork and patted myself on the back for a job well-done, I got a text from a woman I'd contacted yesterday about doing just a couple more interviews in her neighborhood. And she said yes, and I got excited. (See, I've gotten 30 interviews in my sample neighborhood, but given the estimated number of LGBT residents in that area, a statistically significant sample is 32. So this is thrilling.)

Anyway, my schedule tomorrow still involves tanning and reading "On the Road," taking myself out for lunch, and maybe shopping for jewelry (because there was a ring I really liked that I opted not to buy because I decided it's sort of weird to buy yourself a ring, but to make it up to myself I've started looking at bracelets). And then I'll briefly - but only briefly! - get a couple of interviews, and then I'm going to the rescheduled party with my interviewees, which will hopefully be just as magical as if I'd gone in the first place instead of wheezing to a halt. So for all intents and purposes, the freak-out portion of fieldwork is over, and it's just the housekeeping.

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