Thursday, 4 September 2008

These Boots Are Made for Backtracking

Operation: Sex Adventure was a bust. I left my building feeling awfully bold and within ten minutes, I'd been pinned to a car by three young girls begging for money, offered 'very young boys' by a very persistent tranny, and and followed for two blocks by a guy who kept pleading for me to take a walk with him. I lost heart, because there's nothing like somebody trying to sell you a minor to take any of the glamour out of sex work. When I gave up on that bit of the evening and went to salvage my walk with a mango, the guy was like, "40 pesos!" and I was like, dude, that's a 10 peso mango, and thanks for wrecking my night. And then I went home, without a good story or a piece of citrus fruit, and that is when I know I'm defeated.

Still, eight interviews today, bringing the grand total to 23/32 in Pasay and 18/18 from the provinces. I've gotten to the point where I can wing the last nine if push comes to shove, which is a fantastic feeling.

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