Thursday, 11 September 2008

This is What Either Sinking or Swimming Feels Like

I got up and somebody else was using the shower (again), so I ate a speed-breakfast of strawberry jam and bananas on toast before I power-showered, power-walked to the LRT, and power-walked from the LRT to City Hall. I got there breathless, sweating, and (blessedly) only two minutes late.

And then I sat for two hours, because the woman who was taking me out for the day forgot about me. While waiting, the guy who was taking me out for the evening texted to cancel. It was shaping up to be a helluva day, considering that I'm constantly panicked and my hair is falling out and my n and visions of statistical significance have replaced food and sex as things I think about every twenty seconds. But then the woman showed up and we had a leisurely day of interviews - we got seven respondents, but took breaks for me to try penoy with salt and vinegar, to eat lunch with her husband and talk about federalism, and to snack on fried bananas with a really fantastic lesbian. And then I got back, and met up with two friends and got two other interviews from the two people who were with them.

Considering that I could have either zero interviews or sixty interviews in the next few days, today might be good practice.

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