Monday, 12 January 2009

Good Joke, Everyone

I woke up this morning to the fire alarm, fumbled for my jeans and keys, and made it down just in time for them to shut off the klaxons and thank everyone for following the drill. And then I gave up on trying to go back to bed, but when I scooped up a bundle of clothes and pattered down to the bathroom, there was a maintenance crew inside ripping up the floor. I stood there and blinked at them, and then turned to make a cup of coffee in the kitchen. When I came out, they had taken off my bathroom door.

I don't think they understand what a crippling blow this is to my social life. I'm supposed to have the first soup o'clock of the term in about three hours, and I look like I spent my vacation living in a cave.

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Bob said...

The people who live across the hall from my boyfriend decided that since there was going to be a cold snap this afternoon, they decided to start a fire in the fireplace, even though none of them had ever lit one before.

And so we had the same problem as you did, except we had to wait outside at 5am in the cold until the fire department came to turn off the fancy new alarms.

It was superpoopy.