Saturday, 3 January 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Because I love impulsive decisions that profoundly affect my life so, so much, here are the New Year's Resolutions I arbitrarily made on the 7 train under duress:

1. I'm giving up meat. I've been thinking about doing this for a while, mostly because of the environmental impacts of eating meat, but also because it's grossed me out more after taking that class on the politics of food in college. (This does not include the duck I had on New Year's Day at Cafetasia. Lo, the perils of making resolutions on January 2nd.)
2. I'm going to be communicative and emotionally transparent. I think I make this resolution every year, but I think I'm getting incrementally better at it because nobody has angrily accused me of not having emotions since mid-2007.
3. I'm adopting a new religion. I've always been way into the social justice tradition in Catholicism and thought about taking up liberation theology, but I'm having a harder and harder time reconciling that with any association with the Vatican and the hierarchy of the Church whatsoever. So yesterday, think I narrowed it down to (from more to less hierarchical):
- Episcopalian
- Quaker
- Agnostic
(Bahai and Unitarian were my runners-up, but Buddhism also had a strong showing.)
4. I'm going to do something physical that cannot possibly be competitive. I was going to do ballroom dance this year, but I could envision that quickly getting away from me. I'm thinking something like yoga, again. Or gymnastics for grown-ups.
5. I'm going to figure out a five-year plan. This is sort of inevitable because my degree ends this year, but it'll feel awesomer if I can pretend like I made it deliberately and can proudly check it off my list. I'm all about the gimme resolutions.

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