Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Lily Allen

Genevieve and I saw Lily Allen at the O2 Academy last night, and she was phenom. Most of the stuff was from her about-to-be-released album, but she did a couple classics (LDN, Smile, Littlest Things), the new single (The Fear, or as I call it as I dance to it in my room, "The Deeply Problematic Song"), and a song that I thought would be terrible when she was like, "it's about George W. Bush!" but was actually insanely catchy (Fuck You). And she was adorably Lily Allenesque (rumpling her hair, drinking two pints of white wine in rapid succession). AND SHE ENDED BY COVERING WOMANIZER. I went to the drinks in Worcester afterwards and was flipping out about this, and people either politely nodded or said, "who's Lily Allen?" and I was like, I can't believe nobody else is wetting their pants upon hearing this. It is the awesomest thing that has happened anywhere on Earth in 2009.

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