Thursday, 29 January 2009

O, Canada

There was a period during the financial crisis last year (like, before this became a fairly reasonable question to ask) where one of my favorite topics of conversation was what people would do if everything collapsed. (It's a sort of less optimistic view of "when the revolution comes, where will you hide?" because I'm presuming that nobody will be in any position to provide austere, minimalist shelters, much less food or water.) My answer was that I'd try to trek to my grandparents' place in Minnesota, which is out on a lake, surrounded by woods, and full of canned foods that older people like. Also, they have a liquor cabinet and my parents don't.

Anyway, Tanya Gold just did a piece on post-apocalyptic survival in the Guardian, and it is awesome. I think my new answer to the collapse of society is to find Tanya Gold as quickly as possible.

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